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01. Audit & Assurance

Statutory Audit

Statutory Audit is audit of books of accounts according to requirements of any statute to ensure true and fair view of the accounts as well as compliance with any special requirements of the statute under which audit is undertaken. Statutory Audit ensures reliability of annual accounts of the Firm for various users of the financial statements like financial institutions, shareholders, directors, investors, government, bank and general public at large.


Our statutory audit department is geared to conduct audit under any applicable statute along with complying with various global standards to ensure usability of audited accounts for most of the interested.


We have significant expertise to carry out audit procedures and reporting compliance under Indian GAAP (including IndAS), US GAAP and IFRS.

Internal Audit and Business Risk Services

The ever increasing requirement for organizations to adopt and demonstrate good corporate governance practices is forcing a change in approach to control assessment in order to fulfill both compliance and operational demands. Using a risk-based approach, a skilled Assurance function/engagement can provide the necessary focus to co-ordinate an organization's response to these new demands.



We have the skills to support you at any stage, whether it involves setting up and delivering an entire Internal Control system or building on work already performed and providing the assistance to complete the strategic audit plan you may already have in place.

We perform the following governance and business risk services.

  • HR/Payroll Audits

  • FA/ Inventory verification

  • Certification Assignments

  • Legal Compliance and Reporting Framework

Business Risk

  • Internal Audit

  • Process Design and Evaluation

  • IFC Design and Evaluation

  • Information Systems Audit

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) – Drafting, Review

  • SOX Compliance and Advisory

  • ERM/ORM Framework


  • Fraud Examination

  • Revenue Leakage Audits

  • Special Investigation


Tax Audit, Certification and Compliance Services

Apart from carrying out Tax Audit as required under the Income Tax Act, we also perform the following attestation and certification services.

  • Certification for SEZ and STPI units

  • Certification for RBI and FEMA

  • Certifications on Inventory and Fixed Assets Verification

  • Bank branch audits including concurrent audits

  • Certification for specific use by bankers etc


We also provide compliance related certifications in the areas of

  • Firm law and secretarial compliance

  • Compliance of Export/import related formalities

  • Compliance with respect to Income tax, GST etc

GVNKA & Associates Chartered Accountants

Latest updates & insights

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