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04. Financial Process Outsourcing

Financial Process Outsourcing Services

We have the skills to support you at any stage, whether it involves setting up the accounting and financial reporting processes within an organisation or monitoring the entire finance function based on organisational objectives. The services are customised to the requirement of each client and broadly classified in the following categories:

  • Review and Maintenance of books of accounts

  • Monthly management reporting

  • Statutory Compliance

  • Payroll

  • Preparation of financial statements under Indian GAAP and IFRS

  • Implementation of budgeting systems

  • Functional outsourcing like Receivables, Inventory Management etc

Our flexible and customised approach allows the client to choose the extent of our involvement thereby maximising the value they generate from our services.

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GVNKA & Associates Chartered Accountants

Never miss a due date

Keeping track of multiple compliance due dates is no easy task. Download our compliance calendar and ensure that you never miss a regulatory due date !!

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