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03. Financial Advisory

Financial Advisory Services

With our specialist advisory services, we can assist you with all types of corporate transactions. We provide the following services in the areas of Corporate Finance and Advisory.

  • Financial and Statutory Due Diligence

  • Project financing - We provide consulting with respect to project financing and assist in

    • Preparation of techno economic feasibility report

    • Appraisal of the project

    • Preparation of working capital assistance proposals

  • Valuation - Valuation services are required for various reasons such as acquisition, investment, disposal, buyout, merger, restructuring, accounting, statutory / legal etc. The range of valuation services we provide include:

    • Corporate and business valuations including Asset Valuations

    • Impairment testing (US GAAP/ IFRS/ Indian GAAP)

    • Valuation of financial instruments (derivatives, compound instruments etc) for financial reporting under IFRS/ US GAAP/ Indian GAAP

  • Management Consulting and Startup Advisory

    • Business plan preparation

    • Idea evaluation and validation

    • Financial Structuring

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 GVNKA & Associates Chartered Accountants

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